You deserve a designed home that feels effortless and puts you completely at ease.

I believe that the best design is functional and practical as well as beautiful.  A beautiful room that feels too precious to use does no one any good.  I design stunning spaces for real people to use in their real lives.

Your home should respect who you have been in your past, be true to who you are now, and help you become the person want to be in the future.  Your home should be welcoming and inviting to you as well as your guests.  Opening your home to someone is intimate, and guests should feel that they know you better after they have visited your home, simply from experiencing your space.  Your home should accurately, yet flatteringly, reflect its occupants.  Good design will achieve this.

Smart design can change your life for the better such as by eliminating annoyances in your routine, making the completion of tasks more efficient, helping you fully relax at the end of a long day, and giving you the confidence to entertain guests in your home.

I am excited to transform your home into an exceptional, ergonomic space you will thrive in every day for years to come. 

- Shana Cunningham, Allied ASID